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Since the Creation of LIfe University 3 years ago,  more than 200,000 people have found their true selves and have begun living their lives on their own terms. As Life University continues to serve more people in Thailand and Vietnam more people from other countries have taken notice. Canada and China will be next, in 2019.    However, Life University is mainly designed for individuals. Family units, Teams and Organisation(both education & corporate), due to a lack of collective thinking, are not performing to their potential as well. This will deprive them of flourishing and thereby retarding the progress of the nation. This is the main reason for the creation of Mind Adventure Xtreme Centre (MAX), the first of its kind in the world launched in Nakon Nayok, Thailand in 2019. 


99% of human beings were born with both Mental and Physical challenges at birth and their life experiences snowball the challenges as they continue living. They may make incremental progress through education and their own intentions. Very few do. This is why even in Thailand 1% of people control all the wealth in the country. Basically, this is the case in most countries on the planet.    Even those have intentions to pick themselves up, will find it very hard and often give up. They live in quick desperation and settle for less and their future generation will literally follow suit. When this downward spiral happens, the nation, and ultimately the world will be deprived of the next innovator or genius to make life better or set the course on an upward trend.


One day all human beings will breakthrough all our limitations so as to live our lives as superheroes and collectively as we respect and honor the superpowers of each other, together we will live in harmony and thrive as a species, eternally.


Our cutting edge facilities and breakthrough processes at max and our team of experts, serve our esteemed clients from Thailand and the region to discover their individual and collective superhero powers.